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Whether you're a die-hard, or a new fan of Roger's, we'd like to hear from you! Drop us an email with your Roger stories, comments, and questions.

When I was a very young kid my Mom played Roger Miller songs. It seems that we heard them over and over. I have always remembered the songs Dang me & King of the Road. I have often sang the pieces of these songs to my kids. And then it dawned on me to try and find Roger Miller tapes on ebay. To my surprise there was not a one. So I stumbled onto this web site and when I played the songs on the web site it brought back a flood of emotions for me. My Mother passed away in November of 2002. This music is a priceless memory for me. Thank you for making Rodger's music available to people that will never forget him. I will treasure his music as long as I live. Thank you just doesn't say enough.
Joan Tooker

My son at 8 learned all of Roger's song's. Now 42 and EE engineer, still knows them. We have had the pleasure of listening to Dean Miller on 7-28-04 @ the Bluebird Cafe. He was great-Roger would be Proud!!! Ed & Sarah Wallace PS bought CD for son David with which Dean signed!! Thanks Respectfully

Roger Miller was a unique man. There are very few in the same class with him. Mickey Newbury comes to mind...I can think of no one else. The anecdote supplied by young Josh Turner (who is, I suspect, the Josh Turner who now has a giant hit with "The Long Black Train") is so typical of Mr. Miller that it brings a smile to my face. I thank you for this site, and for perpetuating the legacy of Roger Miller.
Bill Clark

Growing up in New Jersey with a southern dad meant Roger Miller records at the house! I can STILL hear my daddy laugh whenever we played those wonderful little tunes!

Hi, Great site, Roger is and always will be my hero. I am an entertainer in Western Australia,I do a lot of Roger's songs, Imet Roger on two ocassions the first time was in the late 60's early 70's when he was in Sydney working at the Chevron Silver Spade Hotel, I later went to the U.S.A. I wrote to his manager of the time Mr. Dan Moss, who arranged a meeting for me in Reno Nv. backstage at Johhny Asquaga's Nugett Casino, the opening act was an unknown Steve Martin, doing comedy and playing banjo. Mr. Moss arranged for me to go backstage after the show, Roger was great we had a good time talking and playing, in '81 I opened for Willie Nelson here in Perth and willie was also great and we talked about Roger that night, I could write lots but I am just glad to say Hello,oh, I also have Dean Miller's C.D. Thank you for this forum, I would welcome Emails.
Wayne Pride

Hi, I'm 27 years old and I guess you could say that I grew up listening to Roger Miller, too. My family did a lot of road trips. My father would play his tapes of Willie and Waylon, C.W. McCall, and Marty Robbins over and over again when he was in the mood and in the car. My brother and I were sick of them by the time we were teenagers. I never got sick of Roger Miller, though. My father died at age 52 about 5 years ago. I like to put on Roger Miller to remember him sometimes. I also like to put on Roger Miller when I am working around the house, too, because the songs are just so easy and fun to sing along with. Listening to Roger Miller brings back many good memories. I hope to pass a love for the fun of Roger Miller's music down to my kids someday.

Roger Miller could bring a smile to your face. His music was so go it could cross over from country to the pop music charts. A person could enjoy his music and not usually like country western music. He was a great man!!

I am fifty now. Back in the sixties, my mom and I didn't like the same music, to put it mildly. I was in sixth grade, and we got a new hi-fi. I rolled my eyes, here we go with some awful music, I thought. She bought a Roger Miller record. I think we played it til it wore out...we'd run around and sing all the songs with Roger. We had found a common denominator! I loved every song on that album. Whenever I hear a Roger Miller song, it takes me back to that time. Thank you for such a great site! Roger is timeless.

Hi Folks! I am 41 years old, and I still love Roger's Music. It was while being a Kid and my mom and Pop bought a Country music Album off of the TV and I first heard Roger sing "Me and Bobby Mcgee" I was hooked as a Kid. I finally got to see Roger when my Dad was station at a Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana. That I asked my mod and Dad to get Tickets for Roger's Show at the Great Fall's Montana State Fair in 1972. That I got to see him Now being 10 at the time that was one of the biggest thrill's as a Kid. I think I still have that Album that he put out in 1972 It was the first record I ever bought as a kid. Will enjoy his Music forever!
Alan Rupa Billerica, MA

I can't explain it in words: but even years after Roger's death did I cry, and hard, when I saw something on TV about him. I have lots of his songs on tape and I simply love the man. He makes me feel so happy. I just a couple of days ago saw BIG RIVER and was so overwhelmed by the music and lyrics. What a loss for us all that he is not among us anymore. But thank God, he lives forever in his music. Thank you Roger, wherever you are!
Lindmuth Fuller

The last word in lonesome is me! Thinking what a sad loss Roger Miller, along with Mario Lanza, always brings a lump to my throat! Thanks for site.
Terry (64)

Whistle Stop I was born in 1971. I saw "Robin Hood" in the theater -- several times. I was just a little kid back then. I had a green bike. In a box of cereal, maybe "cornflakes", I received a Robin Hood sticker. That sticker went right on my bike. My dad took me to that Robin Hood movie. To this day, when my dad is in a good mood, you can hear him whisteling "whistle Stop." I'm 32 years old. I'm a dad now. I have Robin Hood on vhs and dvd. When my daughter is being very good, sometimes, I'll pop in my favorite movie. To this day, when I'm in a good mood, you can hear me whisteling "whistle stop"...

I just finished listening to many of the Roger Miller songs that were popular when I was in my early teens. My dad always got a kick out of hearing Roger Miller sing...thought his songs were "catchy", especially "Dang Me". There were many mornings when Dad would wake me for school with his guitar in hand, sitting at the end of my bed, singing "Dang Me". He thought that was the most clever piece of music he'd ever heard. The reason I mentioned that is because my father always comes to mind whenever I hear Roger's music. I had heard he passed away but I didn't know when. I was about ready to call it a night when my curiosity led me to this website. What a truly incredible man he was! I feel I got to know him a little bit tonight through all I read in this website. Very well done. The love comes through in a very special way. Thank you for making my night.

I might have been the only person who had never heard of Roger Miller. However,this morning, my daughter's voice teacher played River in the Rain in preparation for my daughter's recital. I was reading a book while waiting for the lesson to finish, but I had to put the book down to listen to the beautiful melody. When the teacher came out of the studio, I asked him who was the singer. He told me Roger Miller. I wanted to know whether he was country or not. I love country music. I'm not sure yet whether Mr. Miller is country or not, but nonetheless, he has now a big fan here. I have been reading his biography and listening to his music online. Tomorrow, I will go to buy his CD's. I think I have fallen in love with him. What a voice, what great passion. I think I will join his fan club for sure. Thank you, Mr. Miller. I'm sorry I didn't know about you years ago.

Roger has been gone for almost 12 years and I still feel a twinge of sadness whenever I hear "King of the Road." It's my favorite RM song. Don't know what it is about it, but it's happy, it's sad, it's poignant-just like Roger, I guess! Roger, I hope somewhere you are walking hand-in-hand with Jesus- "The King" and "King of the Road'!

rogers golden hits is a big part of why i love country music today. my dad loved roger miller, and as a young kid at the time 1966-68 or so, i was eight years old, born in 1960. to this day i still have the album & cassette., and when i here a song on country oldies 99.5 in boston,ma. on sunday mornings w/ mike burns & stu fink, i still remember all the words & sing along to all those great songs that i grew up with listening w/ my dad.

I thank you so much! I just want you to know how much I loved his music! I grew up with his music. Every time I here any of his songs I think of all the great times I had with my Father. He also was a BIG fan of his. (God Rest their Souls)!

I loved Roger since i was a little girl - my Mum took the songs down off the radio in shorthand so my class of 6 year olds (in new zealand) could sing them, i love vinyl and just bought Rogers Millers 20 golden greats and at the moment i can't listen to anything else - beautiful music -thanks xxxx

Dear Mary, I am 37, a Kindergarten teacher, and a new mom. I have always been a lover of Roger Miller's music. Tonight when I was putting my 3 year old to bed with a movie (Robin Hood)my daughter was listening to the "cock-a-doodle doo singing odelaly odelaly odalalylay..." every time she watches this movie she comments on the songs. I can't express in words what a joy it is to here her cling to and find joy in something that means so much to me, and do this all on her own. I just thought wouldn't it be great to touch so many lives and as I was online I thought I would try to figure out what year Roger was involved in this. I ran across your site and thought I would let you know that somewhere on the 100th meridian in Cozad, NE a little girl goes to sleep singing Roger Miller songs with a smile on her face, and her mother is so happy she has those songs in her heart.

I made a comment on the website when I was 19 years old. That was nearly six years ago. Ever since I have checked the website regularly. I was just reading through some of the comments and felt like I needed to share again. I am an aspiring singer and songwriter and Roger Miller is one of my major influences. I sing and play guitar at a local restaurant on Friday nights. One thing that I have noticed is when I sing "King of the Road" the people eating and listening always seem to have a smile on their faces and most sing along. It is one of the only songs that I have noticed that will have that effect people. Roger made so many people happy with his music and is still bringing smiles to people's faces. I make sure that I do my part to keep the music alive and kicking. I just hope I do it justice. Thanks Again
Steve Losh Stuarts Draft, VA

growing up my father used to wake my entire family on saturday mornings with his renditions of many roger miller tunes, while also running the vacume .i had no idea where my father had come up with these crazy songs that he would sing,until one day while going thru his record collection i came across a couple of roger miller albums, i put those records on the player and have not stoped listening since. i truly admire rogers songwriting , he truly knew how to look at life a little differently than every one else.nothing picks me up and gets me goin like rogers music.i owe my father and those saturday serenades for turning me on to his music.

I have just recently fallen under the spell that is Roger Miller. I am a 23 year old college student and music lover. Roger Miller is definetely at the top of the heap. Ever since I heard "You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd" on an Americana Country radio station a few years ago, I couldn't get the song out of my head. I did not know who Roger Miller was when I first heard that song, and it was only just a couple weeks ago when I found out that "Buffalo Herd" was his song. I had just thought that the song was an eccentric one-hit wonder for a musician who was just too talented to succeed in NashVegas. I know have the compilation CD with the Kristofferson liner notes and can not get enough of it. I absolutely Love his music. He really was a genius at writing and playing songs that have the integrity to bridge across generations. I'm sure my grandchildren will enjoy his music just as I do know!

hi mary. i want to say i love this site its cool and sweet. yaknow i grew up listening to roger. i took it real hard when he pass'd away even though i never knew roger himself i knew his music and his kind and sweet spirit. i still miss mr miller after all this time still so sad to think he is no longer with us in body but in spirit i know he will always be. to me he is the king of funny country songs and i love his love songs to. he'll never die. long live roger miller.

I'm a kid of the 60's and remember very well listening to Roger Miller........the man with the unique voice and memorable songs. Years later I came accross a Roger Miller cassett as well as CD's of his "greatest hits" and have had them around the house for years. So my 4 children (now ages 25, 23 and twins at 19yrs ) have all grown up hearing Roger's songs. One of our all time favorite is "Little Toy Train" which were have listened to several times this Christmas season. Roger Miller a true American classic and hallowed favorite. God Bless.

I remember Roger so well from various variety shows in the '60s but then like so many people in show business he just seemed to drop out of sight. In the last three years I have become a big Broadway musical fan and just by chance "Big River" was available at one of our local record stores. I didn't know much about it and I suppose in the back of my mind I unconsciously questioned how good it could've been. Boy, was I wrong! Even my seven year old son loves it and in the three days that we have had the CD it has been playing constantly. Kudos to Rocco Landesman for insisting Roger do it for without him American would've lost a great, great piece of music.
Mike Sharpe Grand Junction, Colorado

Hi, This is Michael Henry, the lead singer for Automatic Hotel. I've loved Roger's music since I was about two feet tall. I still listen to and enjoy it quite often. Roger simply made the world a better place. I'm very glad to see the website up and getting such a great response. Well done.

Wow, seems like a lot of people my age have written in saying their dad used to play Roger's songs... I'm one of those too. I'm now 30 years old, and just the other day, my dad sent me some songs that opened up a flood gate of memories. We are a piloting family and "Uncle Harvey's Airplane" really was good to hear again, probably my fav. I hadn't heard it in 15-20 years, but I could sing every line as soon as I started playing it. WHat a great sense of humor he had. I thank him much for the memories he helped create.

Roger did for music what Mark Twain did for literature.

Hi There! My name is Kevin McFadden, I am Irish, living in Melbourne Australia for the past 14 years. I am a HUGE Roger Miller fan - have been since I was a teenager living in Ireland. I loved his early hits, like Dang Me, Chug a Lug, England Swings and particularly King of the Road. His unique sense of humour (who else would rhyme 'purple' with 'syrple'!)was pure genius, as was his 'scat singing'. Roger was a one-off, had a beautiful deep voice and could make u laugh and cry and live and die all within the space of 2 minutes. In short - he was unique and may his genius continue to shine for generations to come. Roger - it has been a heck of a ride!
Love Kevin McFadden, East Doncaster, Melbourne, VIC 3109 Australia.

My Roger Miller experience is one I will never forget. Years ago, I worked for the Santa Fe Opera for a sumer. One afternoon, we were eating lunch, and this car pulled up. The driver got out, and finding out we were from the Opera, introduced himself, and said he had a play on Broadway, and that his name was Roger Miller. I told him that I knew his country music as well. He just smiled. We were all impressed that this man would introduce himself to us, and was such a nice fella. He was charming and down to earth. I'll never forget that day.

This is what I love about Roger Miller. Songs that transcend generational gaps and rise above the ability of time to erode memories. SO many people here heard his music as children only to lose touch and later searched it out, to find it made them happy like a child again. Thanks for the memories infront of of an old record player twenty eight odd years ago, and for the memories of teaching my children those same songs.
Kimball Hall

My name is Kara and I am 15. Unlike most of my friends I like to listen to Roger Miller. Most of the people I Know, don't have a clue who he is. I listen to classic country all of the time. I sing along with my whole family. I just love Rogers songs, and there are so many great ones. My three favorite songs are King of The Road, England Swings, and You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd. They always make me happy when I am feeling a little sad. I just want more people that I know to start listening to more music than just now days kind of music. Any music from the 40's to 80's is the best to me. Roger Miller is the best.

Hi, this is one of my many visits to Roger's home on the web where I remember his dynamic music pumping through an old RCA victrola as a child. His music has been dear to me for over thirty years. I still have the vinyl album of "Engine Engine # 9. I only wish I could have met him so that I could've told him how much I respect and admire him for his perseverence and thank him for his immeasurable contribution to the world of music. To his wife and children, I say, be proud everyday that you were part of the life of a wonderful man. Some of us only wish that we could have been part of his wonderful world. His wit and creative lyric will always be with us as we celebrate his life every time we play a Roger tune. Thank You Roger, for the music and the legacy. You are appreciated more than you could have ever imagined.
Jason Fontenot New Orleans LA
I was the bassist for the Broadway production and original cast recording of "Big River" in 1985. I found Roger Miller to be the industry standard of the "real deal"...an incredibly gifted songwriter and a very gracious individual; there will never be another like him. I had the honor of working with him under very unique and intimate musical circumstances. It was a vastly enriching and unforgettable experience, personally and professionally! Best -

Me, and my husband, John, often get out our old 45's, Tonight we played one of our favourite Roger Miller songs. "One Dyin' and a Buryin'" As long as we can play these 45's, performers, songwriters, like Roger Miller will live on.
Cathy & John Miller - no relation

Hi. I remember getting King of the Road as my first record along with my "close and play" record player. I was lucky enough to see Roger at the Venetian Room at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel when I was a teenager. I remember the host would not let me in without a tie on because it was a very formal hotel. When I asked him if Roger would mind, he smiled then snuck me in. It was a childhood dream come true to see my favorite preformer live. I was surprised to feel that he didn't seem "larger than life". I wasn't really even awed. He was just a reguler guy with a whole lot of talent. I felt like I could sit there listening forever. Thank you Roger for making my childhood a little happier

I've been a huge Roger Miller fan since 1964. When he had his TV show, I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. I Bought a small TV so I could watch the show. I've had the pleasure of seeing Roger in person several times when he performed in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He always put on a terrific show. I remember one show he did in particular at The Troubadour (a small nightclub in L.A.). He was a big star then and did the gig as a favor to the owner because it was one of the places that gave him a break on the way up. I still have a copy of the Feb '66 Saturday Evening Post with Roger on the cover. When you look in the dictionary under the word "cool" you'll find a piture of Roger there to define it.

Hi, I'm 51 and I bought the album "16 STARTRACKS" when I was a kid way back when. I listened to it and just loved it to death, knew all the lyrics to all the songs and sang along with him. It always made me smile and feel better. Now, I have a 10 year old son. I was looking through my old black vinyl records in the cupboard looking for something to tape for him during a vacation trip. I decided to tape the Roger Miller record and now, all of a sudden, my son won«t get enough of Roger Miller!!! He truly is the best, heartwarming and funny. We are now, father and son singing full throttle along with Roger Miller. That«s why I decided to check up on him on the internet. Thank you very much.
Tryggvi Tryggvason and son Iceland

I first heard Roger Miller, in the Spring 1965; I was 17 at the time and taking part of a horticultural apprenticeship, in Victoria,B.C. We were given $85.00 per month, to cover our expenses; we had to really account for every penny. We had stopped at a roadside tea shop,on our way to help transplant some very large trees. It was cold and pouring down rain. "King of the Road", was playing on the radio, it immediately became our theme song;we would sing it, wether we down and out or not. I have since then enjoyed, all of Roger Miller's music,I have just brought out the LP's to listen to, and find the younger people enjoying Roger's music as much as I do.
George MacLeod Vernon,B.C.

I was watching TV lastnight, and someone mentioned Roger Miller. I had heard "King of The Road" a few times over the last decade or so, but had not been driven to take it any further. I am now 40 years old, and I fondly remember listening to Roger Miller's records with my dad , and also listening to them by myself.My father died in 2001. Hearing Roger's songs again brings back so many wonderful, happy memories of my father and the joy that Roger's music brought to the both of us. It also rekindles inside of me, the love that my father had for me. Thank you Roger, for being a part of my childhood. You will now be a part of my chiildren's adolescence, and my fatherhood journey. Glen Ford.
Fort Wayne, Indiana

I'm a very young 40 years old. I grew up listening to Roger Miller and other greats of the genre. I have been incredibly depressed since his passing. Nobody laid down the tracks like Roger! Fortunately, through his recordings, I can pass on to my children the joy and fun and everything that was and is, Roger Miller. Thank you.

When I was very young - still in diapers - my father would tape the Muppet show and he I and I would watch it together. There was one episode we used to watch often. It featured Roger Miller singing "The Hat Song." My father loves to talk about how I used to point to the TV with my bottle and laugh. Anyway, the point is that I've been a Roger Miller fan since then (I'm 22 now) and I'm so happy I found this site! It's a great tribute to a wonderful man.

Great website! I'm a 37-year old music nut into several different types of music. I bought a record player a few years ago, and one day I found "Roger Miller - Golden Hits" at a yard sale. I picked it up on a whim, since I dimly recalled that my Dad had owned the record, and I wondered if I would remember any of the songs. Once I got home I set the needle on the vinyl and was suddenly 10 years old again! By the time I got to "Atta Boy, Girl," my face hurt from grinning. His crazy Country scatting in songs like "In The Summertime" and "Kansas City Star" had me rolling on the floor and his poignant lyrics in "One Dyin' And A Buryin'" had me feeling blue. Since then I've looked for all the Roger Miller albums I can find, and each time I find something new I'm struck by how talented and clever a songwriter he was. And thanks to this website I've been glad to learn that he was as nice a guy as he was talented.

I just had to write and tell you that I cannot listen to a Roger Miller song without drifting back to my childhood!! The reason I am writing is that my office is watching Shanghai Knights and one of his songs was playing in the background! Thank you for the great memories!! My grandparents had a finished garage in upstate Michigan that I spent my summers in...we (cousins and I)would spend hours playing pool and listening to Chug-a lug or King of the Road. In fact, we would listen SO much, that Gramps would hide the 8 track so that we wouldn't play it over and over!! What wonderful memories his music invokes!! Thank you, again. I can't wait to get the CD for my kids!!

Beautiful Web site! Here's a little Roger humor you probably never heard: In downtown Beaumont, Texas, in the 1960s, a popular lunch spot was Ritch's Pool Hall. One day, Roger was there with Ken Ritter, Bill Hall, and Glenn Sutton. I think Jack Clement was there too. Between racking balls for the pool shooters, the rack boy doubled as a waiter, leaving the wooden rack around his neck. He walked by the table, and Roger said, "Hey man, your halo fell." Cracked up the whole place.
Don Jacobs

I'm 47 years old now and I grew up on Roger's songs. They remind me of riding in one of my dad's '60 - something Mercuries listening to AM radio. When listening to Roger's songs now I am amazed at how "perfect" the songs and performances are. On the otherhand I can tell that they are all one-offs. I have been involvd in professional music production as an player, producer and engineer from over 25 years and I can tell you... Roger's songs are what EVERY songwriter/singer hopes to achieve and yet rarely ever do. Listen carefully.... this is high art disguised as fun.
Danny Brown

I was born in 1960. Hearing any of Roger Miller's Golden Hits immediately transports me back to when I was a kid listening to that album over and over again. I know what Roger Miller's Golden Hits sounds like when you play it at 33, 45, 78, backwards, and as slow as you can turn a record with your finger. I could play the whole album in my head, and did many a sleepless night. When one of the Golden Hits played on the radio, it just didn't seem right when the next track didn't follow. This is how well I knew that album: as a kid, I thought Chug-a-Lug said "Grape wine and amazing joy." Twenty years later, I was absently playing it in my head and I distinctly heard him say "Mason jar" and the line suddenly made sense. Mary, it must have been great knowing him. In case you didn't know, he's still alive and well and singing in the hearts of many of us.
Dave Wilson, Loudon NH

I grew up listening to Roger Miller songs, we sang them around the house while we played his records. Recently when that red headed kid sang "King of the Road" on American Idol, I went out and bought several Roger Miller CD's. I put them in the car as I started a road trip from LA to Utah. When those old familiaar songs started playing I laughed about how different the songs were as an adult. I had misunderstood so many of the lyrics when I was little. The subject matter was so much deeper that I had remembered. I'm glad it is a part of my child hood that I revisited. He was great.

Dear Mary, Thank you very much for your response! I imagine there are probably hundreds of anecdotal stories out there from people who at least claim they had conversations and interaction with your husband. I just find it fun to know that Roger found inspiration here in Boise for one of the greatest songs of all time. I grew up in the '60s, and as most San Francisco Bay Area kids, surrounded myself with all the influential rock stars of the day. Their influence took more of my time and money than I care to admit. My parents, however, would bring home the likes of Tennessee Ernie Ford, Johnny Cash, and of course Roger Miller. I remember really liking some of the stuff, as goofy as some of it sounded at the time, but never could admit it to friends. Now at age 50, what's left of my expensive rock collection gathers dust, while every couple of months I have to get my bearings again with a Roger Miller "fix." Tears come to my eyes every time I ponder his contribution to my happiness in this life, as well as his untimely passing. Thank you for keeping his legacy alive.
Dan Seibel, Boise

Roger Miller's music is some of the best music there ever was. I', from the "record" days!! I used to love nothing better than just putting on a Roger Miller album and dancing around the room. As I got older, and married, I would always put on Roger's albums and clean up a storm. Whenever my husband came home and heard Roger Miller playing, he knew the whole house was clean as a whistle!! Even oday, jiust the thought of Roger Miller brings a smile to my face, reminds me of "You cant roller skate in a buffalo herd", "My uncle used to love me but she died", Friends and Lovers", just to name a few!!! I'll forever miss Roger Miller and his wonderful humor and music. Carol Cross Millersville, MD
Carol Cross

Roger Miller to me is Christmastime and Old Toy Trains. We have the Statler Brother's Christmas Card Video Special from 1985 and Roger Miller performed that song and talked with the boys after and he was so funny. He also sang River and the Rain. What a great artist!


Thanks Mary for the website! This 47year old still listens to many albums my dad bought for me (he is a big fan too). My two little girls like to hear me sing Roger's songs-like Ra-Ra-rumble seats and running boards, them were the good old days! Roger is very much alive in our world here in Portland,Or.

I'm a life-long Roger Miller fan. In the early to mid '60's, I made my bones as a guitar player by learning every Roger Miller song I heard on the radio. Most of my guitar player friends were concentrating on the Beatles, but I was a Roger Miller fan. In 1967 the Army sent me to Korea right about the time North Korea had captured the Pueblo. Things were kinda scarey over there at that time and I was wondering how I could get out of the Infantry unit I was assigned to. Out of nowhere, I was given a chance to audition for the 2nd Division Showmen, a GI rock & roll band that entertained at all the Enlisted/NCO Clubs in Korea. I desperately wanted to make a good impression so that they would accept me, so I sang "Dang Me" and was immediately accepted into the Showmen and the ret of my time in Korea was a snap. Years later (1981), I got the chance to meet Roger at a party in Roy Clark's dressing room at the Frontier Hotel and I count that night as one of the best in my life. To all of Roger's fans, I say "Keep on the Sunny side"....
Jim Abernethy

Hello, My husband and I are 38 years young and have four children. We always exposed our kids to a variety of music when they were young. At least once a week, Roger Miller was put on during diner. To this day, we contimue to eat diner together as a family despite our children now being teens. Roger is the one true constant music of choice through all of these years. Many times when our children have guests for supper, they request Roger to be played. I know it is because they want to share the joy and simple fun of his music with others. For a school assignment, my 14 year old daughter needs to present a person of great influence on their lives. She has chosen the legendary Roger Miller.
The Freemans of Ontario, Canada

To me roger miller was more of a man than anyone I know in the whole opry crowd. When my dad "cowboy copas" crashed in the plane with Patsy Hawk and Randy, Roger got out of bed and went looking for them he had called other so called friends that could not be bothered to go look. but Roger went out and was the first to spot the crash sight. I know the nightmarish sight he saw that day never left him. I could never have thanked him enough for what he did. He was a true friend to all of them and I will love him forever for that.

About 4 months ago my good friend Dorsey aquired from his parents an 82' Buick Regal with a WORKING 8 track player. He being 28 and me 25, we didn't own any 8 track tapes so we decided to go down to the used bookstore to pick out some 8 track tapes. We picked out Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson and a random tape of someone we never heard of: Roger Miller. Dorsey and I are music lovers and naturally LOVED this "new" singer we happened across. Since then, all he listens to on his drives to work and back is this Roger Miller 8 track tape with "Little Green Apples", "My Uncle...", and my personal favorite,"Been A Long Time Leavin'". I had to own the songs so we could listen to them on our CD player at home, so I recently ordered the 3CD set from this website because I had to have more of Roger's material. Needless to say, I recieved the CD set and when I play these songs that I now have I feel a sense of hopefulness. When I say hopefulness, I don't know exactly in what kind of hope I am refering to, but I know that his voice, music and words make me feel good, sad and happy songs alike. I've said this before and I'll say it again, Thanks Roger, and thank you, Mary for the information in this website andfor making merchandise available. God Bless.
Chris Philbrick

Today i was feeling down so I came home and got two of my Roger Miller tapes and two of my Sheb Wooley tapes and as I worked I lisned to them first one then the other.It always makes my outlook a little brighter. Every time I get on this Roger Miller site tears fill my eyes I really don't know way. But the hold world lost alot of laughter and joy with Roger's passing. I would just like to say THANKS. And let you know that Roger's magic is sill at work helping us to see the brighter and humorous side of our problems and our lives.
Luther L. Wooley Ardmore, Oklahoma

Boston used to have a local TV show called Community Auditions. It was a talent show, it was on every Sunday morning. I went on it when I was all of 6 years old--this was in 1971. I was a singer, so I sang my favorite song--"King of the Road." I even won first prize (though I finished second in the next round.) Of course, what this meant was that every time my proud parents wanted to impress people, they wheeled out their son the singer. Between the ages of 6 and 9 I probably sang that song as many times as Roger Miller did! Anyhow, I grew up, learned the guitar, played in a couple bands, wrote my own songs, couldn't drive past a karaoke bar without stopping to sing a tune, gravitated to rock and soul but never lost my soft spot for Roger Miller. I heard that Roger had died on the radio while driving in my car one night. I was 10 minutes from my favorite karaoke hangout, the one where I knew everybody. I hit the gas and headed there. I put in my request, and grabbed the mike, and told everyone, "This is the first song I ever sang in front of an audience. I haven't sang it in public for close to 20 years. The man that wrote it, Roger Miller, died today." With that, I sang "King of the Road" again. Now, when I sing someplace, or even when I pick up my guitar with friends, I make sure I get "King of the Road" in there, or one of his others that I know. Because, as long as someone is singing his songs somewhere, he will live forever.
Frank Downey

What a great site! I love Roger Miller's music. I am 15 and first discovered him while listening to the radio with my grandfather a few years ago. My best friend and I are always singing his songs. Of course we get looks whenever we sing MY UNCLE USED TO LOVE ME BUT SHE DIED. I guess I like him because he conveys his emotions so well in such a wide range of songs from One Dyin to YOU CAN'T ROLLERSKATE IN A BUFFALO HERD.
James Darnell

One of Roger's quotes was that he was always 20 minutes ahead of his time. You know I wish for once he would have been late. I know the world could have used about 20 minutes more of Roger in this crazy world we are living in now... I know I could.

Hello Mary, Roger was a gift in my life. His music is so captivating. It's simple but complex--there doesn't seem to be a wasted word in any of his songs. I see kids tapping their feet to Robin Hood and I see superior musicians marvel at his artistry. When I hear a happy song like "Home" I hear his sadness. When I hear a sad song like "One Dyin'" I hear his sense of humor. His music makes me smile and puts me in awe everyday.
Dale Bracken

Hi there I'm 25 years old. I loved listening to roger miller as a child, my dads a huge fan as am I. I'd really love any info that can't be found. What else can I say "Roger Miller" is the best there is the best there was an the best there ever will be!!

I can remember listening to Roger Miller's music ever since I was a little kid. My Dad used to play several of his records, and I always loved hearing them. One of the biggest highlights of my life came when I was 16 or 17. My parents were working the fair circuits selling things to fairgoers, and I would pass the time floating in and out of several stands and booths giving the workers and owners a badly needed break. One evening we were at the mid-state fair in Paso Robles, CA and as I was working in a booth selling roses made from wood shavings, I was treated to one of the best double feature free concerts a person could wish for - Sawyer Brown (this was right after they had won on Star Search) and Roger Miller. People thought it a little strange that someone my age was singing along to so many of his songs. But he was so happy, funny, and personable, you just couldn't help it! Roger Miller will always hold a special place in my heart.

Wow. What a wonderful site. I was born in 1962, and my daddy used to sing at home all the time. Some of my favorites were the Roger Millers... especially "Dang Me" and "King of the Road"... I remember going to see "Robin Hood" and loving that guitar picking Allen-A-Dale. That's what Roger represents to me: a troubadour for my youth. Thanks for the memories... Polly Wolly Doodle!
Caroline Gutierrez Abreu

I think Roger Miller left a huge impression on America's youth in the 60's. I graduated from high school in '67. Our unofficial theme song was "Dang Me". I truly enjoyed listening to Roger speak and sing. He was a true American Character.

Hello all friends of Roger. I wrote about a month ago and just checked back to see how the website was going. In 1979 I started work as a DJ at a radio station that played several of Roger's hits in their oldies library. Remembering these tunes from my younger years I took to spinning off a tape of Roger's Golden Hits LP. Over the next few years I acquired tapes of his first six Smash LP's, also from radio station libraries. In the 1980's it seemed very "un-hip" among people of my age group to listen to such "old" music, but for some reason I was hooked! I must have listened to Roger every day for a good two years. When the 3-disc box set was released I was overjoyed. I could not belive there was more Roger Miller music I had never heard. Now I'm scrounging to find more and more of his music. I am in fact listening to Roger on my mini CD player headphones as I write. He was truly an American original, a bright spot in an otherwise complicated and confusing assortment of musical styles. To me Roger's music is timeless. The appreciation I have for his music is unique. Nobody in country music, rock & roll or anything other style could possibly be as much fun to listen to as Roger Miller. I regret that I never had the chance to see him perform in>concert or just to shake the hand of a man who has truly helped me through my past twenty years of life's daily ups and downs. Good luck with the website. I have added it to my list of favorites. Yours, Alan Brodie, PO Box 117, Maynard MA 01754.
Alan Brodie

I'm a 20 year old college student who was first introduced to Roger's music in March when the Roger Miller Remembered tribute aired on TNN. I actually watched the progam because Reba McEntire was set to perform (Reba is my all-time favorite singer). What I didn't expect was that by the time the show was over I'd have become a huge fan of Roger as well. It's rare that I hear a song one time and on that first listen fall in love with it, but so many of the songs that were sung that night instantly became favorites--especially "Husband and Wives" and the closer "The Crossing." I don't think I've ever heard a more beautiful hymn. Since then I'd been hoping to find the time to learn more about Roger and his music, and I was lucky enough to convince my English professor to let me do my research paper this term on him. I've never had so much fun at the library *smile*. The more I learn about Roger; the more I want to learn. He's quite a fascinating writer and performer. In my opinion, country music has never>known a better songwriter. I could probably go on for days, so I won't take up any more of your time. I just wanted to thank you for putting together this web site. It filled in certain gaps and answered certain questions I hadn't been able to answer at the library.
Judy Leonard

Although I never had the pleasure of seeing Roger live I'm sorry if I dont't call him Mr.Miller, but he always seem so downhome that he was like your favorite uncle, so I feel I know him even though I never had the pleasure. I used to have one of those Fisher Price Reco rd players,with only 5 45's but one of them was King of the Road, I guess the the one thing I admired about seriously affected my "good taste in music" today.I feel that is why I love Country, Pop,but especially blues, to say Roger had an influence on me is an understatment, so for all the listening pleasures Roger brought I felt just for me from today to those childhood days on that little Fisher Price record player I say Thanks, Roger, I would say, I'm sorry for his loss but Roger will never leave me, I'm reminded of that every time I open my mouth because I too, am a natural comedian and have no doubt that Roger's influence affected me more greatly than I will ever imagine, and for that, Roger will always be with me every time I take a breath----Thanks Roger----Mike

My name is Josh Turner and I'm from South Carolina. I'm a big fan of Roger's. Good, clean, country humor goes on a lot in my family and Roger seemed like he would fit in just fine. I'm a college student in Nashville and a couple of months ago I spoke with a professional songwriter that used to play in Roger's band. I asked this songwriter what it was like to actually be around Roger and he said that he was one of the funniest persons he had ever met. He said Roger came up to him one day and said, "One day I tried to commit suicide, so I tied a big rock around my ankle. When I jumped in the river, I passed a fish with a balloon tied around its neck!!" It was neat to hear something like that personally from someone who had actually spent time with Roger. I hope this story has brought a little more happiness to your day. Thank you.

Hi! 10 years ago I bought a country compilation cassette. At the end of the cassette was "Dear Heart", as performed by Roger Miller. I had never heard such a plaintive, direct and heartfelt plea for a lover to come home, and it touched me in a way no other country artist had before. It took 10 years for me to go out and buy the boxed set which was issued in 1996. What a goldmine of wonderful songs; what wit, what humor; what pain and what insight; and what an underrated artist. I then had to read everything I could about Roger. I went to Manhattan's Museum of Television and Radio so I could see Roger on his own show, on "Shindig" and the Flip Wilson Show. I practically wore out the boxed set and my life was forever changed by this talented man. Josh

I love your website, it's a dream come true. I'm nineteen years old and Roger Miller is my favorite entertainer of all time. He is also the greatest songwriter of all time. Thanks Steve Losh
Steve Losh

I'm quite possibly Roger Miller's biggest fan of my generation. Most of my friends have never even heard of him, but I grew up hearing my dad going around the house singing his songs. Now, my son hears me going around the house singing those same songs. My favorite songs are "In the Summertime" and "Walkin' in the Sunshine".

I'm 20 years old and I've been a Roger Miller fan for about 12 years now. My mom used to play his records around the house and they always made me laugh. I even have really distinct memories of singing and dancing to "Oo-De-Lally" as a toddler. Roger Miller has brought many of my friends and I lots of laughs, and as a college radio DJ, I enjoy sharing his work with listeners. He was a great talent and is missed dearly.

I guess I've always been a fan of Roger Miller's. When I was growing up, listening to one of his albums was as common in my house as The Beatles. My dad, who was about Roger's age, was the first to listen. He heard "Kansas City Star" and the rest is family history. I suppose we had about eight or nine of his albums. Played the grooves off of all of them. I've replaced some of them from used record stores, but some will just be crackled memories. Recently, I've been gobbling up any CD I can find. But most are just the "Hits". I miss songs like "This Town" and "Water Dog." Does anybody know if and/or when a COMPLETE catalog of Roger Miller will be released? I, like many, was saddened by his death. But he supplied my childhood with a soundtrack that I carry with me daily. Every once in a while, I can catch someone off-guard with a line from "Chug-a-lug" or "The Moon is High." And remember..."Old song writer's never die...they just de-compose." RM
Tom Campbell

Like millions of people who heard Roger's music I will always be a fan. I have the deepest respect for who he was and what he did for country music. As a songwriter from Oklahoma I have been inspired by Roger's attitude and conviction to his craft. I still can't believe he's really gone. Thanks Roger for being our friend and thank you Mary for this great web page. Mike Carter, Route One Pony Express, Little, OK
Mike Carter

Mary, I found this web page while looking at studio x's web page. I have spent the past 45 minutes (when I should have been working) reading the stories, bringing back memories about Roger, his music and his humor. It was 45 minutes of laughs, smiles, singing songs to myself, as well as more than a couple of tears. I was about 7 or 8 years old when I first heard Roger and as I grew older, his music became more and more important to me. "Invitation to the Blues" remains my all time favorite Roger Miller song, but I never heard a Roger song I did't like. Thanks for the wonderful web page, and for reminding me again just how much Roger's music has meant to me.
Jim McCaskill

Die-hard?? To say the least! I consider Roger Miller a genious to the music field in general. I could also go on and on but Ill keep it short. Thank heavens this site is up for all to see Mr. Miller's wit and charm. Being 19, let me say his music is truly being honored and revered today by us "youngens." Dean: Hope you put out another kickin album. Take care and god bless!!! By the way- you might want to add a little line that tells us when the site had been updated. Thanks so much!!

Hello, Mary, My wife and I have been Roger Miller devotees since 1960. I am from Amarillo originally, and lived there when Roger was a member of the fire department. My wife is a native Oklahoman, so they share that bond. Lastly, we have lived in Santa Fe and Albuquerque for the past twenty years, and consider that the only place on earth worth being! There's something about New Mexico that just won't let go. We have been working in Las Vegas for the past nine years, but our home is still in New Mexico, where it will remain. No matter how many shows we produce and appear in here, we'd trade it all for the opportunity be back home. Roger was a true genius, not just musically, but intellectually. He will be sorely missed in our hearts, but never in our memories. Thank you for creating this homepage and sharing yours and Roger's memories with us. Hope you can catch us in Vegas sometime, but if not, maybe we'll see one another sometime in the "Land of Enchantment". Sincerely, John and Bonnie Evans

I was fascinated by Roger's music even before I knew who he was. I was seven years old the first time I saw Robin Hood, and Allan-a-dale was definitely my favorite character in that movie. For weeks after I saw it, I drove all my friends at school crazy with my singing of "Robin Hood and Little John walkin' through the forest...." And his music still has the same comforting, uplifting, and knee slapping humor that can carry me out of the murkiest waters of sadness. I thank him for sharing his gifts with us during his short stay in this world.

The first real album I ever owned (not counting Popeye and Wild Bill Hickok) was "The Return of Roger Miller." I was 8 and my parents bought it for me. I'm 42 now and I'm just as big a fan now as I was 34 years ago. His music is just as fresh today as it was then; no one will ever be the writer-performer he was. I had the honor of shaking his hand at the end of his appearance at the Houston Rodeo (I had to sell a rare coin I got for Christmas to buy tickets) and it's still one of the greatest moments of my life. I've never missed the coin but never forgotten being able to tell him what I had always thought and what I still think: "You're the greatest."

Hi there! I'm 33 years old. I loved to listen to my dad's Roger Miller's Golden Hits when I was little. My father has said "Atta boy, girl" to me every time I accomplished something good in my life ever since I can remember. My husband and I have very little in common musically but we both agree on Roger. He's the best! I can't listen to his music and be in a bad mood. Thank you for the years of pleasure, we've really enjoyed your music. All the best, Ingrid and Jeff Dayton Alameda CA
Ingrid and Jeff Dayton

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