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  Roger Miller Enterprises
P.O.Box 150246
Nashville, TN  37215-0246
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"King of the Road the Genius of Roger Miller" - 3 CD boxset - $27.99
"Roger Miller: King of the Road" - CD - $19.99
"The Early Years of Roger Miller - A Man Like Me" - CD - $17.99
"Oh Boy Classics presents Roger Miller" - CD - $11.99
"Roger Miller Classics" - CD $14.99
  "Big River - the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" - $14.99
"Big River" songbook - $14.99
"Roger Miller- King of the Road" - VHS $26.99
"Roger Miller- King of the Road" - DVD $26.99
Roger Miller Black T-Shirt - $19.99 Large:
Roger Miller- Signature Hat - White $16.99
King of the Road - Red Hat $16.99
Vintage Photo of Roger Miller - 8"x10" $12.99
Concert Photo of Roger Miller - 10"xx" $12.99
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